29 września 2016


This year’s April Fools was no joke for Polish women. The media were full of information on the draft amendment to the abortion law. In a couple of days, we  began to rally against the planned modifications. We sought support in other women and soon enough started something huge.

With “Dziewuchy – Girls United” stand women and girls of different ages and origins, who sometimes differ significantly but focus on the common goal: protecting women’s rights. Today we take to the streets to protest. Do you hear the people sing?

  • We are fed up with omitting our say in what directly affects us.
  • We are sick of the lying politicians, who endanger mothers and children, all in the name of “sanctity of life”
  • We will not stand for denying pregnant women the prenatal care that is their basic human right, guaranteed by international laws. Tightening of controls over women’s bodies will severely limit the access to the medical help we need and deserve.
  • Ignoring problems that single mothers, empoverished women and those in need of medical attention face every single day is not going to help Poland. We want to feel safe in our own country. Let us give birth and raise children in peace, instead of threaten, scold and punish.
  • Threatening to imprison doctors if they carry out prenatal tests needs to stop. The nature of a miscarriage is not for a prosecutor to determine.
  • We do not want to live in fear of pregnancy. We do not want to live in fear of losing our lives. We will not give birth if we’re dead!
  • Poland, a democratic country, an EU member state, in 2016, has no regard for basic human rights. For our rights.

We want our choice back.

We want the control back.